ZARRIA black-black

ZARRIA black-black

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Lightweight, durable, airy, trendy, with perfect fit.
This is a simpleand brief introduction of P2R ZARRIA.
Features ergonomically shapped gel padding placed at
the most sensitive parts are helping reduce vibrations and
absorb shocks from the road during your bike ride
and eliminate pressure to ulnar nerve and numbness of fingers.

• Made out of Lycra mesh provides the best cooling.

• Back part length shortened fits the hand shape & allows
   perfect wrist moving without limits.

• Palm is slightly prolonged ended with the pull-on helps
   to wear the gloves easier.

• Thumb & forefinger area reinforced with double-layer
   Amara increases durability.

• Microfiber towell thumb area for wipe your forehead
   and sunglasses.

• Veclro closure on the wrist with its size adjusted
   properly to protect your apparel against damage.

• Pull-out loops with silicone printing on the base of fingers.

• Silicone printing on the palm for better and secure grip.

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